Our Story

All Hearts In

From the moment we are born, visible and tangible efforts go into caring for, styling, and treating our hair. It creates a bonding experience between parents and their children. As we take the lively step into adulthood, our hair shapes our sense of self and helps generate and express our identities. kCurlsys wants to provide you with ease during such delicate moments when the magic happens -- as you take on those identities, springing into something so-so beautiful.

Spring is in the hair!

We desire to provide you with the products to help your hair bloom. Our products include ingredients in your kitchen and flowers of the field, generating a year-round springtime visual radiant with green meadows, orangey red/peachy pink sunsets, sweet floral scents, and smells of melons. It's a mini vacation every hair day! Our spring colors Green – is often the first color to emerge during spring. It signifies growth and rejuvenation. Use our green, naturally colored products and watch your hair come alive! Orangey Reds/Peachy Pinks — Hints of pink, red, and orange are speckled throughout nature when spring arrives. They are among the warm tinges of sunset and flower lush green fields. Our Orangey Red/Peachy Pink products are bound to spark joy and help your hair blossom.

Lavender, lilacs, and purples — hues of purples lavish nature with calming accents and awaken our senses. It fosters our creativity. Be inspired, create, and experiment with your hair!

Our Founder

kCurlsys mirrors the life of our founder, Eugenia Kelcy, a Ghanaian-born American. While in Ghana, public schools did not permit teenage girls to grow their hair, requiring them to keep their hair short and shaved.​​ During the early 2010s, when Eugenia had the opportunity to come to the US, she was excited to grow her hair but shocked at how few hair care products tailored to her hair type and texture. Thus began her journey of meticulous experimentation to nurture and grow her hair. Eugenia created kCurlsys to accommodate every hair texture, thickness, and length. She aims to create a space where you can let your hair down, EVEN FOR THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHOSE HAIR GROWS UP!